One of the biggest problems for electronics is heat especially when it causes our devices to stop functioning. Many devices experience this especially if they are being used in an area with multiple devices grouped together. This is the case for home a/v entertainment systems where most of us stack components on top of each other or confine them to small spaces on our shelves. This can generate tons of heat which harmful to your equipment.

That’s where the new Antec Soundscience A/V Cooler comes into play. You’ve probably heard of Antec as being one of the leaders when it comes to PC cooling technology. Antec has branched out with their new Soundscience line of media products and one of those products is the Soundscience A/V Cooler. Building on their experience with laptop cooling solutions, the Soundscience A/V Cooler is used to keep A/V components cool and to keep heat away from other components. What you do is place the A/V Cooler on top of heat generating components. The 2x80mm fans do the job of drawing heat to the back of the unit an away from other components that sit on top of the A/V Cooler. The carbon-glass structure and aluminum top portion shields these units from heat.

At $139.95, it’s not cheap, but it also doesn’t look like a cheap plastic add-on either. The Soundscience A/V Cooler has the looks to backup the price and is definitely something that will not cheapen the look an feel of your a/v setup. It’s not available just yet, but look for it soon.


Your home stereo equipment generates a lot of heat, whether it be your tuner, your amp, your CD changer or your Blu-ray player. That’s why Antec brings you the soundscienceâ„¢ a/v cooler. Part of the soundscience line of media products, the soundscience a/v cooler is the perfect device for cooling all your home audio/video equipment. Simply place it on top of your hottest component and let the 2-speed blowers keep it cool while preventing heat from rising to any other equipment you choose to stack on top of its sturdy carbon-glass frame. Keep your equipment running cool with the soundscienceâ„¢
a/v cooler!


  • 2-speed 80 mm blower fans pull heat from underneath and exhaust it through rear vents
  • Quiet technology keeps fans from running louder than 28.7 dBA
  • Low power requirements: soundscienceâ„¢ a/v cooler draws as little as 5W on highest setting
  • Carbon-glass structure with aluminum top plate provides exceptional structural integrity


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