Unless you leave under a tech rock or just not happen to be a night owl, you know about the HP Touchpad this weekend. Man what a fire sale indeed. In terms of fire sales this had to be at least one of the greatest. All starting late Friday, HP dropped the price.on its now discontinued Touchpad from $499.99 for a 16GB one to $99. Yes $99 dollars. Man the assault that recentest on stores and online site since then was profound.  One by one major retailers was taken out. Staples, PC Richards sold out. HP.com site getting out of memory errors. Best Buy caved and instead of returning them decided to sell at discount as well, now sold out.  It was crazy, I personally called three Staples and went to one Best Buy to get one but all were gone!

If you tried to get one, did you have any luck? I for lucky at literally 2am this morning as fellow G Style member Jason Million informed me that Barnes & Noble had them in stock.  I wasted no time and ordered directly from my phone.

Now though I love WebOS, I wasn’t exactly a fan of the hardware for the Touchpad. So why buy it? Well sometimes we sacrifice some style for need or when the tome is right. For example, my HTC Inspire 4G phone is super slim and nice looking, but the battery sucked. I slapped on this ugly, bulky, battery case. It doesn’t look as stylish as before but I can get all day power. With the HP Touchpad, while the hardware east stylish enough at $499, it is just fine at $99 ($101)! So if you was holding out to get a Touchpad, you literally had no excuse at that price point. It looks like thousands felt the same way, as tons of store dropped out of stock one by one. So if you was lucky enough to get a Touchpad this weekend, why did you buy it, and how do you plan to use it?


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