If you are like me trying to type a paper or a review on a tablet takes some getting used to, holding the tablet in one hand, and typing with the other can be kind of a challenge. We are all used to using our laptops for these projects; So Logitech came out with a Bluetooth keyboard for Android tablets to ease us into the transition.

The Tablet Keyboard for Android comes with a carrying case which is black on the outside and teal on the inside. The bonus is that the keyboard’s hard-shell case also doubles as a stand for the Android tablet, which can be displayed vertically or horizontally which ever you choose. The keyboard is black and white while the function keys are teal, The keyboard has a nice black finish to it, easy to clean. The keys are nicely separated, not too close. The keyboard is very lightweight, I took it with me everywhere, didn’t notice any difference in the weight of my bag.


Set up & Experience
The keyboard already comes with 4 AAA batteries. Setting up the key board to my Android table (I’m using the Samsung Galaxy 10.1), was pretty simple. First thing you do is go to settings on your tablet, Click on Wireless & Networks, Turn on Bluetooth, then go to your Bluetooth keyboard, on the top left hand corner you will see a on and off switch turn it on, now go back to your tablet, go to Bluetooth setting, you should see the device name, pair it with the password that was given to you, you should now see the keyboard under paired devices, you are now ready to type.

Typing with the keyboard was just as if I was typing on my laptop, no delays while writing; I had the tablet on my table and had the keyboard on my lap which was about 4 feet, still no delays, the keyboard also offers media controls like play, pause, volume up and volume down, right.

I used the Bluetooth keyboard for about a week, and have no complaints; of course it’s not the same as writing on a laptop, but it sure comes close to it. The Logitech Android Bluetooth keyboard goes for $69.99 you can find it at BestBuy or Logitech’s website, it’s worth the price.


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