I reviewed Tweetbot back in April of this year and thought it was one of the nicest looking and functioning Twitter apps for the iPhone. It however was missing a few features that really kept me from using it on a regular basis. One of the main features that was missing was that of push notifications, which virtually made Tweetbot useless if you didn’t check it on a regular basis. The developers did promise a steady stream of updates however and deliver on their promises they did.

When we reviewed Tweetbot back in April, it was a version 1.0 app. Today, Tweetbot’s update puts it at version 1.5. In the four months since it’s been out, the developers have been slowly tweaking and adding new features to Tweetbot. With this latest update, I can now say that Tweetbot is now my main Twitter client of choice on my iPhone. With the previous 1.4 update, Tweetbot finally added the ability to push notifications to you whenever you got any mentions or direct messages. They even allowed you to choose what you wanted notifications for whether it be from just the people you were following, everyone, or even retweets. They even 1-up’d the official Twitter app by including a way of putting push notifications to sleep during certain times of the day. Very useful if you don’t want your phone going off in the middle of the night.

With the latest 1.5 update, Tweetbot added the ability to mute users. This is in my opinion as big as push notifications. On my phone, I really don’t want to read tweets from certain users. Yes, I could always create a list, but what’s the point of creating a list if its basically the same as what’s on my regular timeline, minus a few people? With the mute feature, I’m able to mute certain users for a certain amount of time, or forever if I wanted to. This keeps me from having to unfollow anyone because we all know what happens when you unfollow someone. You get moaning and whining from them for days as to why you unfollowed them.

Tweetbot is now the ultimate Twitter client in my book. I’ve replaced the official Twitter app with Tweetbot and it now sits proudly in my dock folder. I can’t really find anything else that I would need in a Twitter client or what more Tapbots could add to Tweetbot, but I’m sure they have something up their sleeves. You can grab Tweetbot for $2.99 in the App Store. Sure it’s not free like the official app, but I think it’s well worth the price, especially with the features it has.


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