One of many perks of owning the iPad 2 is that there are no shortages of cases you can find for this thing. Whether it be a simple snap-on case or a full fledged leather bound folio, you can pretty much find something that will suit your needs. There are so many different cases out there now that it can be difficult finding that perfect case that will suit all your needs. Often times, you’ll need multiple cases to suit different occasions or functions, but Vogel’s RingO System looks to become that all-in-one solution that you’re looking for.

For this review, I’ll be taking a look at Vogel’s RingO All-In-One Pack for the iPad 2. It includes the iPad 2 hard shell case/holder, a wall mount, a car mount, and a table stand. Each of the mounts clips into the back of the hard shell case/holder. We’ll take a look at the case/holder first.

The holder is made of very strong and hard plastic. It is black in color and has a very soft, smooth feel to it.It has cutouts for all the major ports and openings on the iPad 2. One feature here that owners of Apple’s Smart Cover will appreciate is that there is a large cutout on the side that allows you to use it. That’s a huge plus as there are many hard shell cases out there that don’t allow you to use it. The main feature of the holder is the metallic silver ring on the back of the holder. It’s here that all the optional accessories will be attached. Also included with the holder is a screen protector that you can apply. It almost seems like standard practice now for most cases to come with these now.

If you buy the starter kit, the holder will include a small wall mount. The wall mount is made from a combination of plastic and metal. It is attached to the wall with included mounting hardware. You’ll need to figure out where you want this exactly because once its on the wall, it’s pretty permanent as you will be screwing it in. Once on, the holder clips easily into the wall mount and can be rotated to be viewed in landscape or portrait mode. Because the mount and the ring on the holder are made out of metal, the attachment is quite sturdy with very little give. You can be assured that your iPad 2 will not be falling off the mount any time soon. To remove the holder from the mount, you have to depress 2 buttons on either side of the mount to release the holder. Very simple mechanically, but very strong and easy to use.

Next is the car mount that came with the all-in-one kit. To say that this is one heavy duty piece would be an understatement. This is one solid piece of kit. A majority of it is made out of plastic, but it is very thick, sturdy, and heavy. I’m assuming there is a fair amount of metal reinforcement inside as that’s what it feels like. The car mount clamps on to the bottom of the headrest where the 2 metal poles are. The holes on the car mount are rather wide so they’ll accommodate pretty much any vehicle. The mounting bracket clamps on tight and is also accompanied by rubber padding to keep it from slipping and sliding around once it’s on.

The way the holder is attached to the car mount is the same way it is attached to the wall mount. You snap the holder into the round metal portion of the car mount just like you would the wall mount. It too will allow the holder to be mounted in landscape or portrait mode. What’s neat about this car mount is that it also allows you to adjust the viewing angle of your device. The part that is used for this purpose too is very sturdy and will hold the viewing angle for very long periods of time without you worrying about it moving.

The last accessory included in the all-in-one kit is the table stand. There really isn’t much to say about the table stand except that it does what it’s supposed to do. All it is is a plastic piece that you push into the ring on the back of the holder and it makes it stand up like a picture frame. Other than that, there really isn’t anything too special about it.

Vogel’s RingO system works very well with all the included accessories. The holder is the center of the system and its very well made and fairly stylish. It does a pretty decent job of protecting the iPad 2 but because the rear of the case needs to accommodate the RingO system, it adds a bit of girth to it. It’s not really that noticeable however due to how the holder curves in the back. You only notice the thickness if you put it rear down on a table. It’s not a real problem though and I think the functionality of it all far outweighs the aesthetics. All-in-all, the entire system works well together. It can be a bit pricey for some, but I think that with everything it comes with, it’s worth the price, especially since Vogel’s RingO system is very well made and uses some quality materials.

Vogel’s RingO system is available at Apple Stores now, but you can find them on Amazon as well at a slightly cheaper price.