The complaints that Kanye West & Jay-Z rap about how much money and how luxurious their life is. Man they’re all up in this video flaunting their abundance of cash they have in this recession….man….smh….so what! The Spike Jonze directed music video was pleasantly fun and entertaining lol. I’m sorry breaking down the (at least $420,000 of the Mercedes family) Maybach and flipping it into a buggy with the hood as the trunk and the trunk as the hood with no doors, no windows and no roof with four smiling beautiful model women hanging on for dear life was ridiculous. The photography was colorful, the flag, the fire and sparks added to the enticement of the shots.

However you feel about the song, “Watch The Throne” the two hip-hop icons made me want to be in the video hysterically laughing my a** off too. Also enjoying the moment in front of the Maybach in shades and suited up was comedian/actor and co-star of the film “30 Minutes Or Less” Aziz Ansari. Why not close the video screaming like maniacs into the camera while they sit with Mr. Redding on the “Dock of the Bay.”

Sidenote: If Mr. West and Mr. Carter’s boasting about their bank accounts bothers you, the tricked out Maybach in the music video will be auctioned and all the proceeds will be going towards the East African Drought Disaster.