First thing I’d like to say is I enjoyed wearing these. Not only because they provided great sound but also because were different and peeked people’s interest just off the look alone. As you know everyone is wearing Beats headphone but no one wants to try anything else.

Look & Feel

The NC510b are some comfortable headphones. They are over the head featuring two cushioned ear cups. They went over my ears without problem but then again I may just have little ears. They are basically an all black design with chrome circle designs around each cup. On the left ear you have a power on/off button for the noise cancelling feature. The ear cups feel great and didn’t feel any discomfort in long periods of use, even falling sleep in them. I do wish the headband was slightly more flexible though. Also on the left ear is the battery compartment for two AAA batteries. It is pretty hard to take off, but the batteries last awhile which is great. Seeing as I have used these alot so far, that’s definitely a plus. There is volume control on the aux cable which is good since at times I didn’t have to reach for my music device and the cable has a nice length to it.

When you first put them on and flip the switch everything around you is muffled without anything playing. Once you start playing music your able to immerse in your own world. I have been able to tune everything and everyone out around me. The sound quality is good without the noise cancelling on, but its also lowered alot too. Once you switch it on you get more clarity as especially with the bass as it wasn’t annoying over booming in your ear. Sometimes too much bass can really mess up a good sound especially if they maybe alot of words are being spoken. I did find myself enjoying some tracks more then before. I think this would have to do with the “Linx Audio” that AblePlanet has made. It enhances speech clarity and sound quality without needing the volume raised to a extreme level. Everything sounds good thru these headphones. I have tested all types of music from Hip-Hop to Rock, and also watched a couple movies with them also.

The NC510b is a great pair of noise cancel headphones. Especially @ the price point of $200. Comes with a carry case when you’d like to store it which is a nice touch. I’d only say try them on before you buy to make sure the cups fit properly on your ears. I would recommend and I have actually done so a few times while testing them out. I know the name AblePlanet is crazy known but I think they are worth checking.

Specs/Whats Included
Frequency response: 20 Hz-20 kHz
Sensitivity at 1 KHz at 115 dB (off) and 121 dB (on)
Plug: 3.5mm

1/4 Home stereo adaptor
Two AAA batteries
Hard protective carry case
Airplane Adapter

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