OK maybe that was a little harsh. You might have noticed a ton of posts recently on popular blogs and websites about the announcement of the new Blackberry devices this week. What you may have also noticed that now a post at all (well maybe except for this one) has come out of the G Style Magazine camp. Why you might ask, because we consider ourselves just a cut above the rest. We don’t talk about tech just to talk about tech. We talk about tech that is cool, refreshing, new, and exciting. The new Blackberry devices coming out are none of these. And trust me it pains to me say this. While I do love my Playbook despite the jokes from fellow iPad toting staff members (Adele and Sam), Blackberry smartphones haven’t been getting me all warm and fuzzy inside.

In all fairness, I have contacted someone from Rim’s PR to see if we can get a review unit of the Torch 9810 that should be coming out for AT&T this month (as well as the other models). I would like to take a look at it in person to see if I’ll feel differently. But until then I can’t find a reason right now to subject Blackberry news to our readers unless it is exciting and not the same ole stuff.

Form factors so far. The Torch 9810, seen it. Bold 9900, seen it. And the Torch 9860, while a new form factor, right now the shape of it is looking a little weird to me. I’ll definitely need to see this in person to confirm whether it is sexy or not, because right now pictures are doing it any justice

And don’t even get my started on OS 7, I’m taking the #TechSnob route and I’m officially say I’m not even thinking of buying a Blackberry smartphone until QNX is on it. What do you think? Is anyone still interesting in Blackberry right now? Are you fiending to get your hands on one of this new models, let us know!

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