OK so you guys want to know what’s in my smartphone? Well I don’t have that many apps like my boss Jason ”Mr. G Style” Anderson does but I have a few. I have the EVO Shift and these are my apps.

Android Central: This app keeps me up to date on everything Android, which phone is getting the latest up date and when, also with tablets.
Angry Birds: I play this on the train whenever my Nintendo 3Ds and PSP die on me lol.
Beluga: This is a group chat I use to keep in contact with the G Style family.
BestBuy: I have this app to know what going on sell, and what’s the latest gadget coming in.
CNET New: This app keeps me up to date on everything electronic from new software coming out, Who’s suing who lol, and what products are coming out.
Engadget: Another Gadget app, whatever I can’t find on CNET News I’ll find here
Facebook: Of course I would have Facebook, I like keeping in touch with family and friends I don’t get to see often.
Geeky Gadgets: This app shows me other kinds of gadgets I won’t see in the U.S.
G4: I love video games so I need an app that will tell me when a game is coming and for which system. Also lets me now if any of the games I have are getting extra maps or secret boards.
IGN: Another gamer app, if I can’t find what I want on G4 I look through IGN.
LiveProfile: A messenger like BBM but for Android.
Pulse: This app is the best to get tons of information all in one place
Share Builder: This app lets me buy and sell my stock, it also lets me see how much I’ve made.
Stocks: With this app I can see how my stocks are doing, if they have gone up or down and how may shares I have invested.
TechBuzz: Yes another app that has to do with gadgets lol
WordPress: This app I use to write my G Style articles, which is great I can write an article while I’m at work lol.

That’s what’s in my Smartphone. So what’s in yours?


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