Since I’m one of the few staff members here on G Style who uses an iPhone 4 as my main phone on a daily basis, my list of apps here is going to differ greatly from everyone else. There are some apps of course that are currently on both Android and iOS but a majority of them are unique to iOS. It is interesting to note however which apps all the G Style staff members seem to have in common. I’m not going to list the apps that come standard on the iPhone, just the apps that I’ve added to enhance it.

– Find My iPhone – This is the first app everyone should install on an iOS device as it helps you locate your device in case you lose it. It might not be 100% guaranteed that you’ll find your device, but at least there is another level of assurance there.

– Notica – I use this as my Notes replacement due to the fact that Notica has a much nicer user interface and the ability to add images to your notes. You can also arrange your notes into groups so it makes organizing them a whole lot better.

– MyAT&T – I just have this to keep track of my wireless bill and usage.

– Nike+ GPS – In case I ever want to go for a run.

– Facebook – I use Facebook a lot so obviously I need the app.

– Foursquare – I also use Foursquare a lot to keep track of where I’ve been and to share neat places with my friends.

– LinkedIn – I use this from time to time for business networking reasons. Other than that it really doesn’t get much use.

– Foodspotting – Once in a while I want to check out what people around me are eating as well as posting up images of the foods and restaurants I’ve eaten and gone to as well. It’s a really nice foodie app.

– Official Twitter App – I’m on Twitter all the time and the official app is one of the better ones. It also helps that it has push notifications.

– Tweetbot – This is my backup Twitter app. It has a very clean layout that I love, just lacks push.

– Instagram – I use this as my go to photo sharing app when I want to upload photos for Twitter. It has way more options than most of the other default Twitter photo sharing services.

– Google Voice – This is for when I want to make calls using my Google Voice number or check voicemails people have left on it. I don’t really find it that useful until Google Voice supports calling over WiFi.

– imo – I use this as my multi-protocol chat client. With it I can talk to users on AIM, gTalk, Yahoo, etc.

– Skype – I use Skype to keep in touch with my family when I’m on business trips. It allows me to video chat with them over 3G which is the main reason I use this instead of Facetime for video chatting.

– Beluga – I use this to keep in contact with the G Style team through group messages. Very good app. One of my favorites.

– LiveProfile – I also use this to keep in touch with the G Style team. It’s like BBM.

– WhatsApp – I only recently installed this just to try out. Great alternative to LiveProfile, but I don’t have many friends on it yet.

– Converter Touch – Handy when I need to do unit conversions.

– SpeedTest.Net – Handy when I’m checking my connection speeds. I use it often to troubleshoot my connections on WiFi or 3G.

– TestFlight – Used to test beta software.

– TiltShift Generator – Photo effects app.

– ToonPAINT – Photo effects app.

– FX PhotoStudio – I use this app the most for most of my photo editing needs on the iPhone.

– Halftone – Photo effects app.

– Labelbox – Photo effects app.

– Flickr – When I need to upload to Flickr.

– Playface Pro – Since the iPhone doesn’t come with Photobooth like the iPad does, I use this as an alternative. It does exactly the same thing and more.

– QuickPix – Useful when you need to take photos in burst mode at full resolution. Something the default camera app does not do.

– Netflix – My favorite movie streaming app. Great quality, even when streaming over 3G.

– VEVO – When I want to stream music videos, I use this.

– VLC – I used to use this when I need to load up some movies to my iPhone to watch. It would play almost any format I’d throw at it. I use it less now that I have an iPad.

– Pandora – My go to internet radio app. It’s always been one of my favorites, even when I was on a BlackBerry.

– Apple Store – I never really use this unless I need to schedule an appointment with a “Genius.”

– – I shop on Amazon all the time so this app is useful on the go.

– Ebay Motors – I’m a car junkie so sometimes I like to browse through parts just to see what’s out there.

– AppShopper – I use this to browse the AppStore for apps that have dropped in price or have gone free for a limited time.

– Citibank – Keep track of my bank account.

– Square – Useful so I can take credit card payments on the go from customers.

– PayPal – I just use it to check my PayPal account, but in all honesty, I don’t use PayPal all that much.

– WorldCard Mobile – Love this app. It allows me to scan in business cards and it automatically enters all the info on it in my contacts app.

– WordPress – Use this when I really need to edit a blog post on the go.

– Dropbox – Great way for me to view documents on my iPhone without me having to connect my iPhone to iTunes to transfer documents. I just drop documents on my computer to Dropbox and view them on my phone.

– WorldMate – I used to use this a lot on my BlackBerry. Not so much now as it doesn’t automatically enter trips on the default calendar like it used to on the BlackBerry.

– AA – I travel on American Airlines a lot so this app comes in handy sometimes.

– YPmobile – Yellowpages app. Very useful when you need to look up a store or just find out what is around you.

– DrinkSpiration by Absolute – When I need to get my drink on? Great way to discover new drinks that you may never have heard of before.

– Bungie Mobile – I use this to check out my Halo stats. I know, super geeky.

– Bing – I use this over the Google search app as I just like the layout a lot better for some reason.

– Google Search – Not really a big fan of the Google Search app as its just looks too plain. Plus there isn’t too much difference between this and the web app.

– iNet – I use this at home to double check who is connected to my wireless network. Just want to make sure no one is connecting on it who shouldn’t be on it.

– Pulse News Mini – My favorite RSS newsreader on iOS. I can quickly scan all my blogs I follow quickly.

– Google Translate – Great translation software that also does voice recognition.

The rest of the list here are games I have loaded up that either I play, or my son plays from time to time. This list here is ever changing as I’m constantly getting games to review. There are some games I keep on here all the time while others get played for a couple of weeks, then get replaced by new games. I’m not going to really go through what each of them are as there are really too many of them I have loaded up. I will say that the only games I actually do play on a daily basis are Hanging With Friends, the Flick Golf games, Super Stick Man Golf, Burn the Rope, and Star Dunk Gold.

My Games List:

Push Panic, 180, Magic Gem, GermCraft, Toy Balls!, Land-a-Panda, Chu Chu Rocket, Tanglewood, Sudoku 2, Sudoku + Alpha, Soltaire, Gin Rummy, Magnetrox, Traverse, QRANK, Mahjong Elements, Scrabble, Scrabble Blast, Boggle, Hanging With Friends, GodFinger All-Stars, Pocket Frogs, Legendary Wars, Hotel Dash, Paper Toss, Tiki Toss 3D, Flick Golf, Flick Golf Extreme!, Super Stick Man Golf, Star Dunk Gold, Flick Kick Field Goal Kickoff, Rullaan, Hungry Helga, Pirates vs Ninjas vs Zombies vs Pandas, Veggie Samurai, Cows vs Aliens, Big Fish, iSlash, Lane Splitter, Burn the Rope, Zombie Flick, Destructopus, Shift! 2, Dead Space, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, iStunt2, Sick Man Skater, Trucks and Skulls, Bug Math, Surf Creatures, What’s that Noise, Lola’s Alphabet Train, Cell Bound, Bug Wings, Draw Race, King of Frogs, Egg vs Chicken, Boom Boat, Astro Boy Rush, Flowerz.

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