OK so I know you have all seen the CapitolOne commercials where they say at the end “What’s in your wallet”. Well in a effort to let you guys deeper to see who Team G Style is, I have asked all of the staff to do one of these post. We will list all the apps we use on our phone and why. Now I won’t make them list theirs without myself going first, so here is mines. I use an HTC Inspire 4G and these are my apps!

– Amazon MP3 Player – I mainly installed this when I was trying the Amazon Cloud drive, I haven’t really used it since. I like the stock Android app instead
– Androidify – Cool app, something to use when I need time to kill.
– Angry Birds RIO – Free on Amazon, nuff said
– Pageonce Assistant – Love this app, helps me keep track of my accounts and I can see what my balances are and when they are due, without having to go to every website.
– Beluga – Use this to communicate with the teams at G Style and TechWeLike all at once. Love this app! Group messaging app.
– Barcode Scanner – So I can scan stuff lol
– Evernote – Love this app, lets me keep notes whenever I go. I especially use this when I’m at the Laptop Magazine office each week.
– Facebook – Well ya know it’s Facebook, everyone is on it, as I am. Good to have access on the go.
– Fandango – I use this whenever I need movie info. What is out, where it is playing at. I have yet to use it to purchase a ticket from the app though.
– FireFox – Got it because I thought it would be cool, but in truth have only used it once or twice.
– Foursquare – I’m a regular Foursquare user, highly competitive and still trying to beat Jason Million from G Style to the top of the leaderboard!
– GO SMS Pro – I use this instead of the stock SMS app for Android.
– Google+ – New social network or project by Google, they have a Android, so I needed to have it. Works really well!
– GPS Test – I needed this when I wanted to make sure I was getting a clear GPS signal!
– Key Ring – This is a great app if you have many club cards (Best Buy, Duane Reade, etc), no more carrying all those cards for me!
– LiveProfile – My BBM alternative since I moved to an Android device!
– Mint.com – I use this to keep tabs on my money and where it is going.
– Miso – Let’s me “checkin” to TV shows and movies I watch.
– Google Music – I got in on the Google Music beta, so downloaded the app. I like the way it looks, but it is missing a few items before I can make it my default music app.
– Pandora –
– Paypal –
– Pulse – My default RSS reader, love how the UI for this apps looks!
– Parcels – Let’s me track the packages I have coming in, very useful as we get a lot of gadgets sent to us.
– Screen Shot It – Very useful, allows me to get screenshots of what is on my phone
– Seesmic – My main Twitter application.
– SlingPlayer – Just in case I want to watch my TV at home
– Speed Test –
– Square – It is how I collect money when I’m out and about. I can accept credit cards on the fly!
– Starbucks –
– Tumblr –
– WordPress – Some of the articles you read right here on G Style, have been compose while on the train using this app!
– Youmail – Have been using this app since my Blackberry days, my replacement for the default voicemail system AT&T uses.
– Zipcar – Finally, been a Zipcar member for awhile now and we finally have an Android app!

So what’s in your smartphone? What are some of the apps you use?

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