I recently purchased the Powerskin case for one main reason, I need my phone not to die before the day is over. You see no matter what phone I have, I’m a extreme power user. With phones people say should last at least a full day, mines is done by 2 or 3pm. It was no different when I picked up the Inspire 4G.

When I say I’m a power user I mean I’m on everything! I have 8 email accounts on here, I’m a twitter and heavy foursquare user. I also listen to music on my phone, and a few other things. I usually unplug my phone around 7:15 to 7:30am and by 3:00pm I’m down to 30% power left. I could carry around two batteries but then I would have to go through the process of turning my phone off and swapping them.  This is where the Powerskin comes in.

Finally the Inspire has its own extended battery / case. I will say this right off the top, it make my slim and sleek Inspire look like a brick! I wasn’t to happy with that, but it was a necessary evil. I will give it points for having a nice rubberized case that is slim to the phone. It almost makes it feel like there isn’t a big case on it until you wrap your hands around the back.

Now when it comes to the added juice, I’ve been impressed with my results. I disconnected my phone from the charger one morning at 7:13am, around 3:23pm I still had 93% battery power left. I checked again around 10:30pm and I was at 35% battery power left. Based on these on these checks, I probably would be good until about 12 or 1am. So while even with the extra juice I won’t be able to survive a long club night out, it was enough to finally make it throughout my day without having to recharge before I leave work. And if I do go somewhere after work, I don’t have to be worried that my phone will die before I get back home for the night, so that in itself is a win. I even tested it out on a drive to Sesame Place over the weekend, I used Google Navigation to guide me. While this did sap a lot of power during the 2 hours drive, I had 74% left by time I got to the park. Not bad.

The Powerskin case sells for $59.99 and can be purchased from their site at www.power-skin.com. I recommend it to anyone who wants to stop worrying about their remaining battery power while on the go. They also sell battery cases for the iPhone, Blackberry, other HTC devices, and a some Motorola smartphones. Check it out!


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