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Marsha Ambrosius-Late Night & Early Mornings [Video Review]

Personally, I’m a huge Marsha Ambrosius fan and believe she is from the dying breed of great sangers. As much as this song puts me in a certain mood I have an even greater respect for her after having watched this video.

While she is seductively singing to her man how she wants to do him all types of ways and until the Late Night & Early Morning, she doesn’t leave out the obvious lesson of the importance of wrapping it up. Hopefully, the message isn’t lost-especially when it seems no one really imposes the necessity of safe sex nowadays. In any event-Dope Song.

Watch. Enjoy. Learn… take heed

TJ Jordanhttp://www.about.me/tejor
Apple product enthusiast, dance mom, Spoonie, lover of all things Marvel ;). If there's a gadget that's chic and geek, TJ is all about it!


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