So now that the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is finally rolling out for consumers to purchase, it should be noted that some for now as coming with stock honeycomb. But is this a bad thing.  Samsung said it would be releasing TouchWiz as an optional over the air update will you be downloading it?

I for one happen to like the stock Honeycomb Android look and feel. Actually to be honest I haven’t seem TouchWiz on a tablet. I mainly going off my experience with TouchWiz on the.smartphones I’ve used. I should really play with a Samsung tablet that has TouchWiz on it. But think again not really.

While the stock Honeycomb version may not be for everyone, I’ve liked it since I first seen it on the Motorola Xoom. I haven’t seem HTC’s Sense UI yet for Honeycomb, but if it looks anything like how the HTC Flyer does, they can keep it! Which brings me back to stock. Why mess with a good thing.

What do you think? If you are purchasing or plan to purchase the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, will you be downloading he TouchWiz UI or no? Give me your thoughts.