Look likes more and more networks are slowly trying to bridge the gap between network television & the internet. As we have here is a new app called WatchESPN by ESPN. Basically gives you the ability to watch live streams by ESPN, ESPN2,ESPN3, and ESPN U.

I can tell you I could of used this app alot of other times especially during the regular NBA season when not home or near a TV. As long as you have a good connection its pretty constant good looking picture and audio. I have even watched it side by side with the programming on TV and its always on point. If your a big sports fan you should take a look at this. I thought having ESPN ScoreCenter was good as that always updates fairly quickly, but the ability to watch the content LIVE is greatness.

Now WatchESPN is a free app, but there are requirements that go alongside with it. You must have cable service from either Bright House Networks, Time Warner Cable or Verizon Fios TV and your package must carry the ESPN channels. Otherwise if you dont have these, you can only get a brief account preview.

So if you have the providers, like sports, definitely check it out. Recorded a little video using the app on my G2 during the NBA East Semi Finals.

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