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Wachichoo-Don’t Bother Me [Video Review]

Brooklyn-based band, Wachichoo, releases its debut single “Don’t Bother Me”.This song and video came across my desk and immediately it brought to mind Black Eyed Peas. I’ve never heard of this group before but they definitely got my attention with their electro-funk-rock-soul sound. I love how the video tells a story of two people trying to make a connection and end of traveling all over NYC. The G train cameo alone makes me slightly biased.

The music video was directed by Joseph Covino of East Village Studios. The leads in the video are lead singer Ill-On C and actress Kaitlin Pannone-beautiful doesn’t begin to describe and the vocals of band member Eliza “Little Wachita” Coolidge. This band is very soulful and if this is their debut single I definitely look forward to see what else this band has to offer.

The band members are Ill-On C/Ilan “Holy Man Liquor“ Cohen (singer/rapper )-leading man in the video, Eliza “Little Wachita” Coolidge (Vocalist), Chris “Throwing Bones” Strange (Keyboards), Java “Big Chief Javachichoo” (Bass) , and Dominic “Little Big Stuff” Rubano (Drums).

You can pick up there EP on their website www.wachichoo.com

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