Is your Dad just a little embarrassing when he’s walking around with his “not quite an iPod” mp3 player and his 1980s boom box looking headphones? Have you pleaded consistently for him to try ear buds at least when your friends are around? Well, we found a G Style approved product to make you both happy.

Skullcandy has stepped up their game from targeting the skateboard tween crowd and collaborated with RocNation, yes Jay-Z, to create the grown and sexy Aviator Headphones.

The RocNation Aviator headphones are over ear and are available in 3 different colors. Black, Brown and White.

They combine amazing audio with the classic style of Aviator sunglasses. They are made of stainless steel, aluminum and polycarbonate with translucent speaker housing completing the lens quality finish and making them easy to clean.

Keeping with the Aviator theme with they added spring hinges to create the ideal fit with optimal wear and stow ability, allowing you to safely fold them into their leather pliable headband. The mic cord is a tangle free nylon cable with in line remote control that can be used to navigate music playback on most Android, iPod and iPhone devices. It also doubles as an inline mic #winning. Which Dad may need with the 40 mm full-range enhanced audio driver. They also come with a leather carrying case.

A bonus feature is the cushy leather pads on the triangular ear cups. So comfy you can sleep in them (trust me, I’ve done it on several occasions). If your Dad is like mine, he could probably care less about all the specifics but they are awesome and not too bass heavy so he won’t complain about them being too loud. You can find these headphones for $149.99 at any Apple Store or online @

Who knows he may go back to the embarrassing headphones and they’ll be your headphones by default… #win win

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