Like the Blaq app we recently took a look at, the FourPlay app fills a void currently left by official versions of this high profile sites. FourPlay does a great job stepping in for the official Foursquare app and it is free! The FourPlay app does a very good job allowing you to check-in, see places around you, and check in on the whereabouts of your friends, and keeps you in the loop on your leaderboard placement.

As soon as you launch the app, you are greeted with the recent check-ins of your friends, which you can tweak in the settings to determine how often it refreshes this list, and how me check-ins you want to see. If you select a users, you can see some brief stats on the location (numbers of check-ins and total people) and a Google maps image of the venue. You can also check in if you are there or see the badges of your friends.

From the check-in screen you see a list of the venues nearby, and you have the option to add a photo and send to Twitter/Facebook. One of the bright spots on this app is the Explore area. If you are a Blackberry Foursquare user, this feature has yet to make it to the smartphone version of the its official app. But yes you can use it on the Playbook. There is a Specials page that lets you see all the special going on nearby. All very cool stuff.

Last we have the me profile area (which I would like to take come credit for, as I may a suggestion for it lol). this year lets you see the leaderboard for those who are highly competitive like myself, as well as your stats, badges, and current friend requests.

Overall FourPlay is a great Foursquare user experience and definitely fill the void that was missing. I actively use it when I’m on my Playbook, and I recommend it to you guys as well. Check it out in the Blackberry Appworld, it cost free ninety nine!

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