iOS 5: New and Improved Feature – iMessage

One of the few features I missed after coming from a BlackBerry was BlackBerry Messenger aka BBM. This was one of the most useful features on the BlackBerry that allowed you to text anyone with a BlackBerry for free as well as send images and conduct group conversations. All of this was done outside of SMS so it was all free and unlimited. After switching to my iPhone 4, I’ve been searching for a BBM replacement, but most are either just standard IM apps or BBM like clones that aren’t always that reliable. That’s why with the introduction of iMessage, BBM is no longer a reason to get a BlackBerry.

iMessage is basically text messaging on steroids, but without the usage fees associated with it. This is Apple’s own messaging system that will allow users to communicate with other iOS users in real time, while being completely free and unlimited. You’ll be able to send messages, photos, videos, contacts, and location information to other iOS user. You’ll even be able to conduct group messages as well. What makes iMessage even more appealing is that its not limited to just the iPhone. Since it works on all iOS devices, it even works on the iPod Touch and the iPad.

What I find interesting about iMessage as well is that you’re not limited to just one device when in a conversation. You can start a conversation on your iPhone for instance and continue it on your iPad. This already makes it loads more useful than BBM in which you were confined to just one device based on your PIN. Also with iMessage, I’ll be able to kill off a few of my other messaging apps that I have installed on my phone since a lot of the people I communicate with already have iPhones as well. With iMessage and Facetime, iOS is shaping up to be one heck of a messaging platform.