By now you should have seen all the popular Blackberry blogs talk about the twitter client for Playbook call Blaq. This is the first true Twitter client for the Playbook and it is about time. While using the browser isn’t that bad, I feel like an app just gives a better experience, and rightly so with the Blaq app.

The Blaq has made it to the pages of G Style Magazine because we are all about our fashion sense and style when it comes to our technology, and Blaq does a good job in this area. Visually the Blaq app is hot! From their logo to the launch icon, just starting up is a visual treat.

The app is a two pane experience with your timelines displaying on the left and some options to toggles between main timeline, replies, direct messages, I believe is lists, and I’m not sure on the last icon. Only the first three work right now, but I believe the others will be coming in the next version update. Speaking on that right pane, I like when you click on a tweet it brings up a overlay box on the right pane that gives you the tweet, as well as other option for that user.

Blaq does a good job with how it shows you the content of a tweet right within the app. Pictures display kind of like a lightbox over the app (was a demo of what I mean, click on one of the images in this post, it pops up similar to that). Other content like links to a website display right within the preview windows so you can check it out without having to leave the app, very cool!

All in all the Blaq app is a chic twitter client for the Playbook and it sets the bar for what we should be seeing if anyone else is developing a twitter client for the Playbook. The app costs only $1.99 which is quite reasonable. The Blaq app so far is the one out of only two apps for the Playbook that I deem worthy to purchase, so check it out.

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