I know a lot of you were just as shocked as I was when T-Mobile announced the Sidekick 4. I was also shocked when I saw adults using this phone, I have never taken the Sidekick series serious here’s why.

Even though the Sidekkck 4 runs Andriod OS (which is the only good thing about it) the design of the phone to me is still too kiddie (It just brings back bad memories of thousands of high school kids using aim with that annoying sound it made). With that image in my head I would never understand why any adult would want to carry this phone as a primary phone. The phone to me also has a standard look to it, with all these new phones looking more High-Tech every day I thought they would try a little harder to grab our attention.

To pay almost $400 for a Sidekick is ridiculous, for that I would pay the same amount or a little more for a phone that I won’t be embarrassed to walk around with.

Overall I wouldn’t be caught dead with the Sidekick 4 and I don’t think any other respectable adult would.


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