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AT&T Finally Enables Sideloading

This one is especially wonderful to me, as I have been a long time AT&T user and have waiting awhile for a Android presence. It all started with the HTC Aria, AT&T first real Android device (I’m not counting that backflip nonsense). This was a great little phone and purchased it right on launch Sunday.  I was the first one on line at my closest store in the Bronx. I purchased this and got home only to find out AT&T block the install from unknown sources option. Man was I pissed. I spent the next 2 days working to root the HTC Aria, mainly to re enable this option.

This was the case with the Samsung Captivate I purchase after and currently the HTC Inspire 4G. Now while I was able to root all of these devices, and re-enabled this feature again, I cursed AT&T for making me have to go through this. Though if they had this feature enabled I would have never learned to root and wouldn’t have gain a few extra features I wasn’t worried about, so I can’t totally be mad.

However this look to have finally ended as AT&T as stated that going forward side loading will be enabled on Android devices. This kicks off with the Samsung Infuse 4G, and will hopefully continue on future devices. There is word that there will be an update to the HTC Aria, HTC Inspire 4G, and the Samsung Captivate that will re-enable this feature, so fingers crossed to those owners.

So how does it feel now, do you feel more confident to purchase an AT&T Android device now, knowing side loading won’t be cripple?

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