Seems like everyone and there momma in the tech industry wants you to rent movies from them, but are any of them offering any extra value. So far I count Blockbuster (well maybe not as they were), Netflix, Apple, Amazon, and now Google has launched a movies rental service. But who has the better service?

I use to be a Blockbuster Total Access user, the moved to Netflix for their streaming only $7.99 plan. Definitely get much use out of this plan because I can watch TVs and Movies from my PS3, and laptop. The misses can watch from her iPod Touch, Window Phone 7 device, and her laptop as well. It covers pretty much any screen I would like to use and the cost is good. Could it stand to have some of the newly released movies in its catalog yes, but hey for $7.99 I can’t complain much.

With Apple iTunes, I can really justify paying $4.99 to watch a movie in HD when I can only watch it on my laptop or iPod Touch which only the misses has. Sure I could buy an Apple TV to watch on my nice 1080P LED TV, but then I have to buy another piece of hardware. Sure they have more newly released movies, but if I’m hard pressed to see a new flick, I could always just purchase off Cablevision’s Movies on Demand, which is four cents less lol

Then there is Amazon. Not a bad concept, if you are an Amazon Prime member you can watch 5000 TVs and Movies at no additional charge. But at $79/year to be a Amazon Prime member, your paying about $6.50+ a month to watch. Not too bad a price for instant streaming, but then it is only via your laptop connected to a TV or if you have hardware that will support Amazon Instant streaming or downloading. And I didn’t see any mobile phone type mentioned.

And now Google has thrown there hat in the game. Though they are so far only doing it for Android smartphones and tablets. Don’t have an Android Device, your not invited. If you do it might be a Froyo (OS 2.2) to enjoy the party, and the cost of rental is $1.99. Not too shabby, but very limiting. Sure if my Android device supports connecting to a TV, MAYBE I can play the movies on my big screen at home, but that is just a maybe. Great if your on the go, but with Android phones being what they are today, are you really going to kill the battery to watch a movie?

So there is my take on all the services. Personally I like Netflix the best, since I have the most options on where I can watch and the cost is low. While I may not get the movies as they just get released to DVD or Blu-Ray, there is still a ton of movie and TV shows on there that I can check out. But what do you think, who do you use and why?