Tapbots issued an update today for their Twitter app, Tweetbot. This update is mainly a maintenance update so there aren’t really any new features included. A majority of the update are for bug fixes as well as a few elements rearranged in the user interface. It’s good to see Tapbot updating the app on a regular bases since it’s release.

– Fixed sluggish feeling in app after days of use
– Support for Posterous Uploading
– Support for Readability
– Fixed issues in the Lists tab
– Moved profile view from Accounts view to a new optional tab
– Added user tweet count in profile view
– Disabled publish button when no text is entered
– Translations now determined by language, not region format
– Retweets now shown in user timeline
– Trends now show hashtags as well
– Double-tapping the timeline and mentions tab button now mark as read (like in DMs)
– Many bug fixes.

This update doesn’t include the much asked for landscape mode or push notifications yet. Tapbot is still working on that for a future update. New users can grab the Tweetbot here while current users can update through the App Store.

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