“Glory” the song itself is a straight up F-U to those that have under estimated Ryan Leslie’s talent. The music video was shot in basic black and white, which to me is a basic cut and dry with no colorful shots coming directly meaning to the viewer that this is what it is. This is a semi performance video that’s extremely personal throughout his travels around the world. If you have never been to a Ryan Leslie concert you are most definitely depriving yourself from a true artist and musical experience. The energy exudes from the atmosphere through the lens of the camera. R. Les as usual exposes himself through his lyrics and music and leaves you know choice but to feel him and his band. There is no other phrase to describe this experience but “Frickin’ Ridiculous”, Lol. The song itself should rattle some cages so you can understand why R. Les goes in with lines such as:

“You ask me why I’m rappin’? Well I give u the reason/the same reason ya hatin’ when u should be believin’/it’s in your heart to hate it’s in my heart to win/so yea I’m rappin’ now let the hatin begin/I write my own records write my own checks/wondering which hotel in which city I’m callin’ home next/one thing I know for sure one thing that’s mandatory/I owe all to God I give him all the Glory!”

That pretty much sums it up, ‘nuff said…..end scene.

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