Ryan Leslie, one of The most underrated kids in the game has returned with Breathe. This time he’s bringing an MC flow on this banger featuring, Kanye West’s and the homie from across the pond, UK’s artist Mr. Hudson (“Straight No Chaser” was a dope CD also). R. Les premiered this joint to a live audience in San Francisco. Not surprising to me but maybe to most the only singing is Mr. Hudson on the hook and Mr. Leslie spittin’ on the verses while still playing the keyboard in between verses and I’m not disappointed. The songwriter, musician, lyricist and producer can now add MC to his already vast and impressive repertoire. R. Les introduces the new song, which will be on his upcoming album “Les Is More” summer 2011. Although it’s a performance video, R. Les does begin by pulling up to the venue on motorcycle with a model while the rock band guitar riffs. You can feel the energy in the crowd with this blazin’ track filtering through the spot. I’m looking forward to the new album. The kid’s gonna kill it again so just take a deep breath and “Breathe.”

Any thoughts from any fellow Ryan Leslie fans put there ?

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