So this morning I ran into my cousin on the train to work. When I pulled out my headphones, she asked if they were Beats by Dre. I balked at the thought. I personally would never be caught wearing a pair of those headphones. Not because of the quality (they happened to be a good pair of headphones), or because of the price (they are kind of expensive sheesh), but because of the principle. 

I won’t rock a pair of those headphones for two very good reasons (well at least to me). The first reason is the same reason you won’t catch me ever with an iPod Touch as my music player. The simple fact is I hate having anything that everyone and their momma has. When I take my daily commute,  I don’t want to look to my left and right and see everyone else using the same exact thing I am. I like to be unique or somewhat exclusive. The iPod had the “cool” factor when everyone didn’t have one and people would look at you and maybe ask what is that. Now everyone has one, so people just assume if you are listening to music that you must be using an iPod. So that means I can’t use it, I need to be different.

This is how I feel about the Beats by Dre headphones. When I travel I can spot like 20-30 people anywhere I go with them.  When I travel I want people to see my headphones and wonder “what are those?”. I don’t want people to look and see the Beats logo and just know because the 6 people next to me has the same logo over their ears as well.

Now the second reason you wouldn’t catch me rocking them is because the makers of these headphones is Monster. This is the same company who price gouges people on their HDMI cables.  Charging people $100 for a cable they can get for $5 bucks because they don’t know any better is just wrong to me. Until this practice ends, I refuse to buy anything by Monster or related to them. It is the principle of it. I refuse to bring any profit to them, while they continue to lie to people making them believe they are getting more by having “gold plated” HDMI cables. So until this ends, no Beats by Dre headphones for me.

This is why I wouldn’t wear Beats by Dre headphones.  Would you? What do you think?


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