Razer has just newly announced their new wireless headset labeled, “Chimaera”. It is made for the Xbox 360 but it will work for your everyday PC as well.

Key Features

2.4 GHz Wireless Headset for Optimal Range and Freedom
The Razer Chimaera allows a wireless Xbox experience with no cables restricting your movement. The included charging dock makes countless battery swaps a thing of the past.

Extra Large 50mm Neodymium Drivers for True to Life Gaming Audio
Neodymium drivers provide high definition professional grade sound to give you true to life gaming audio. Combined with extra soft circumaural ear cups, you will play in maximum comfort at all times.

Up to 12 Hours of Battery Life for Uninterrupted Gaming
The Razer Chimaeras’ batteries last for up to 12 hours, long enough for even the most extensive sessions of uninterrupted pwnage.

The stereo version will be released in March for $130 whereas the 5.1 surround sound Chimaera will be available in April for $200. I have to say, the design is quite eye catching even though its just simple black. As for comfort and audio quality, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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