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Chris Brown feat K-Mac – Breezy…Real Hip Hop Sh*t [Video]

It’s no secret but I’m a HUGE Chris Brown fan. I usually don’t like when singers rap and vice versa but after his last mixed tape release Fan of a Fan I am convinced that Chris can kill at anything he does. I never heard of K-Mac before but after watching this video he definitely has my attention.

The videography is type ill. I like how Breezy was dressed in a hoody and K-Mac looked real G’s to Gents. It had a real 90’s hip hop feel which made it real organic to me. Not the new age “hip hop” that feels very pop to me and keeps my radio off at all times. Chris spits some real truth about “friends” in his verses. I really want him to win and people let him put his mistakes behind him and credit him and judge him based on what he does from here on out… that’s my 2 cents. Hope you enjoy the video I know we did :)

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