If you just picked up the new iPhone 4 for Verizon, congratulations on your purchase. If you were already a Verizon customer and just upgraded to the Verizon iPhone, you’ll want to pick up the VZ Transfer app in the App Store. It’s from Verizon and what it does is it transfers all your contacts from the Backup Assistant device to your new iPhone 4. That’s all it does, plain and simple. This obviously only works if you were already a Verizon customer and it’s not for those who are switching over from other networks. The app is free for all users.

Word of advice however, if you check out the comments for the app, some users seem to be having trouble transferring their contacts over. Some users have suggested turning off the WiFi on the device in order for it to work so I would check out the comments in the review section if you are having a bit of trouble.


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