Where to even start with this one. At this point I’m ashamed to say at one point some of us here at G Style didn’t even know who Astro Gaming was. Since then we have definitely had a crash course and now Astro Gaming is one of our favorite brands!

I love of Astro Gaming continues with the release of their new A*Star in ear gaming headsets. What I like about products like the A30s and the new A*Stars is that while they are mean for gaming, both have worked really well in non-gaming situation. This has made them very versatile in nature. So let’s break this down!

The A*Star headsets have a very unique look to them. They aren’t your typical looking in ear headphones. On them face of them, that also have a nice printed design, that gives them a somewhat futuristic feel to them.

The A*Star headsets comes in 3 colors (black, white, and silver). Now unlike the A40s and A30s, the A*Stars don’t have a speaker tags element that we have come to love with the other model. This fact was very dishearten to us as we loved the ability to customize the headphones (Check out our custom G Style A30s for example). We fully understand why it couldn’t be done for the A*Stars doesn’t mean we can whine about it lol.

The A*Stars also have flats cables which Astro Gaming claims won’t tangle. For the time I have spent with them, I can vouch for that claim. They haven’t tangled on me, but they did knot on me lol. This is minor as unlike other headphones that can tangle or knot and then you spend 10-15 minutes untangling them. With the A*Stars all that was required is a quick shake and the cables are back to normal. Much easier than with other headphones.

Just like with the A30s, the A*Stars have great sound. I’m a heavy bass person, and the A*Stars do delivery. Sound quality is clear, loud, and smooth. I like a pair of headphones that can get very loud and not become distorted when at the max level.

The A*Star can also be used with your phone to take calls with the built in mic. Conversations I’ve had using the A*Star were also very good. Multiple parties I’ve asked said I sound clear and loud. There were situations when I was in plenty of wind and call quality was just as good.

Overall the Astro Gaming A*Star headset is a nice entry into the gaming line up. You can use them on the got with your smartphone, PSP, laptop, iPad, or connect to them to the Wireless MixAmp for some serious PS3 or Xbox gaming. Though they lack the customizable speakers tag of the A40/A30s, these are definitely a great pair of headphones for the highly mobile set.

They will run for $79.95 which can be ordered now(though it may not ship till the week of December 13th). They can be ordered from www.astrogaming.com.

Or you can try and win a pair tomorrow as we will be holding a giveaway from a couple pairs this month, starting with tomorrow!


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