Every now and then I like to mention a website that is G Style worthy. Case Mate is definitely no stranger to the pages of G Style, as many of their products we have reviewed on G Style. But when I visited their site today and seen the perfect example of what G Style Magazine is about. G Style Magazine is about the merger of Fashion & Technology. If you look at there image for their Fall/Winter collection available at Nordstrom, you’ll see a perfect example of this.

I like how they have this page set up, it looks as if I’m shopping on a clothing site, but it is for mobile phone and iPad cases. They have the page broken down by Men and Women’s collections. Then when you look at the products in these collections, there are some very fashionable pieces there. If you are looking for an iPhone 4 or an iPad case, you should definitely check out this Fall/Winter collection.

You can check out more www.case-mate.com

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