If you dont have a xbox 360 or even if you do this is one of the best models to get. The Xbox 360 Slim or “S” is almost 20% smaller then the previous models and comes in 4GBs and 250GBs. Besides the size it also has vents all over it to help combat the “red ring of death” cooling issues. The biggest edition to the Slim models are the added features.

The Slim now has built in WiFi-N which saves the time/money/space of having to buy a wireless adapter like for the previous model. Slim has a slot available for the Kinect which you will eventually get or already have. Five USB slots and optical audio slot is available on your Slim model. Its also better as it has a touch sensitive button instead of a push button.

XBox Live is another good feature start using with your 360. There are different things you can do as play online, use facebook, LastFM, twitter,ESPN and even your own Netflix account(Xbox live gold needed).
The Xbox 360 Slim is available in two models at all major electronic retailer. the 4GB($199.99) or the 250GB($249.99) models.