OK this is a first for us here at G Style. While there will be tons of lists floating around the internet, this is the definitive fashion forward list. This won’t be a “in this category, get this device” kind of list. This is thee list. No categories, just a list of the items, you should be getting your love ones if they are into their tech, and into style. The following items have been hand picked by G Style staff, and we officially endorse these products for this holiday season.

Check out the 2010 list of G Style approved products:

The Ooma Telo & Handset Package

The Nook Color

The Astro Gaming Wireless MixAmp 5.8

The Astro Gaming A30 Headset

The Nintendo DSi XL 25th Anniversary Red Super Mario Bros. Edition

The iPod Touch 32GB

The iPod Nano 6th Gen

The V-Moda Crossfade LP Headphones

The i-mego Retro Headphones

Samsung VibrantThe Samsung Vibrant

The Apple iPhone 4

The Nexus S

The Macbook Air 11 & 13 inch

The Macbook Pro

The Apple iPad

The Xbox 360 Slim

Kinect for Xbox 360

Mario vs Kong Mini Land Mayhem

Disney Mickey Epic

Gran Turismo 5