Ok so hopefully your thinking about getting that Wireless MixAmp, but while you can use any pair of headphones with the Mixamp, we’d like to suggest going with a complete set. If you would to pair the MixAmp with Astro Gaming A30 Headset, you definitely be your loved ones gaming Superhero this season. The A30s go for $129.95 by themselves or you could get them with the MixAmp for $199.95 now or $229.95 later on.

These can be used for gaming or, detached the boom mic and use with your portable mp3 players or portable gaming system.

*Price – $129.95
*Balanced, Dynamic Audio Quality – Tuned for a variety of usages including gaming, music and movies, with crystal-clear voice communication and precise surround-sound performance.
*Dual Mic System – Removable boom mic for console and PC gaming and Skyping, wired inline mic for taking calls on-the-go.
*Incredibly Stylish and Comfortable – Lightweight, on-ear design fashioned to move easily from the office to the living room to the street.
*Quick Disconnect System – Ships with 3 swappable cables for mobile, console or PC setups. Mobile cable features a control button to answer or end calls and also works with iTunes to start, stop, jump forward and jump back.
*Interchangeable Speaker Tags – Choose from a variety of collaborative tags or create your own with the online ASTRO customizer (sold separately).
*Carrying Case – Every ASTRO headset purchase comes with a complimentary, high-quality ballistic nylon travel case to protect your investment.
*Optional Upgrade – The A30 headset works great by itself on PC and mobile devices, but needs to be teamed with a MixAmp for online console play.