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iPod Touch 32GB *Holiday Gift Guide 2010*

The 4th generation 32gb iPod touch is a great holiday gift idea for ANYONE. If you are shopping for the music lover, the gamer, the geek, or the socialite and iPod is an excellent pick. Now with a front facing and rear camera the already feature rich touch is even better. It’s thinner than the previous model with a beautiful retina display screen, the ability to multitask, print, and make customizations with homescreen wallpapers and folders. Aside from the always expanding App Store with thousands of games, books, productivity apps, the iPod is still is one of the best music players on the market along with the massive iTunes catalog. The 4th gen touch has improved battery life and is at a great price point . There is something on this device for everyone. So even if that special person on your shopping list doesn’t need videos and a camera, and tons of apps the music experience of an iPod is unparalleled. This is a must have this Christmas and it comes with the highest recommendation.

Price: $299

Capacity: 32gb

Battery Life : up to 40hrs audio, 7hrs video

Screen: Retina Display, 3.5 inch multitouch display

Weight: 3.56 oz

Special Features: web browsing, email, wifi, bluetooth, tv shows, video chat, hd video recording

Included Accessories: White Earbuds

Suggested Accessories: Docks (Bose Soundock, Logitech) Case (Skullcandy also includes a screen protector), Headphones( Bose Earbuds)


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