This year, we see the return of Mickey in his very own game for the Nintendo Wii. Developed in part by Disney Interactive Studios and Junction Point Studios, Disney Epic Mickey looks to re-brand Mickey Mouse and modernize him. Instead of the squeaky clean Mickey we’ve come to know over the years, this Mickey will have faults.

In Disney Epic Mickey, you’ll get the chance to interact with many of Disney’s lost characters who have disappeared over the decades and are no residing in this “Wasteland” that Mickey accidentally created. Mickey must right all his wrongs in this game in order to free these characters from the evil Shadow Blot which Mickey mistakenly created as well years ago.

Disney Epic Mickey is a real visual treat as you’ll be revisiting many of Mickey’s old cartoon styles as well as an alternative Disneyland. Much of Mickey’s history has been incorporated into the game so it should be quite nostalgic for any Mickey fan.

Disney Epic Mickey will retail for $49.99 when released and is exclusive to the Nintendo Wii.