If you remember back in September, we mentioned that the Audyssey Audio Dock was coming soon. Well now this dock is exclusively selling at Apple stores around America. With that being saying, Audyssey has sent one over to us here at G Style HQ and we gave it a knock out to see if it was worth a purchase. So let’s get it started!

The Audyssey Audio Dock has definitely got a unique look to it. While we don’t think it will appeal to everyone, we like it and think it has a nice unique style. Coming in all black, this dock is really all speaker. On the outside, the all black design has a small area to plug in your iPhone or iPod Touch. Other than the top which has a touch sensitive button for play/pause, the rest of this device is all speaker. And this thing is heavy, it isn’t something you will want to move around a lot.

Like we mentioned above, this thing is heavy and for good reason. For the specs on this dock, it is packing a two 4-inch woofers, two .75-inch tweeters, four discrete amplifiers, and active crossovers with bi-amplification. What that mean basically is that this thing rocks. We played music with heavy bass and cranked it! This thing has some great sound! Sound was crisp, precise, and loud. We plugged in an iPod Touch and the sound was good. When we streamed music via Bluetooth, the sound wasn’t prefect but very good.

So now for the price. At $399 the Audyssey South of the Market Audio Dock is pretty pricey. With that price tag, we would put it up against the Sonos S5 all in one system. Though the Sonos S5 does a lot more than the Audyssey Audio dock, it doesn’t allow you to answer your phone call via the dock like the Audyssey, that being another feature of this device.

If you happen to have a home theater system that has some of Audyssey’s technology inside, you will definitely might want to check this out for your iPhone or iPod Touch. We aren’t going to lie and not say that you can get a little more bang for your buck with other devices of the same price range, but the Audyssey South of the Market Audio Dock is a very good device, and if you are willing to pay for quality, you definitely will get that with this product. For more information, check out www.audyssey.com

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