If you remember back in 2007 we talked about product called PhoneTag and one of the founders of this company was James Siminoff. Well he is at it again with a cool service call Unsubscribe.

Have you ever tried to unsubscribe from a mailing list, only to find that doing so was a maze of options to navigate. Or maybe you thought you successfully unsubscribed from a mailing list, only to find out you are still getting emails from those companies. Well this is where Unsubscribe comes into play.

Using a powerful technology and a team of Network Experts as they put it, Unsubscribe claims they constantly monitor and update their system to stop the never-ending flood of unwanted emails. They have made this process as simple as a one button click and I think this couldn’t have been easier.

I’ve asked Unsubscribe for an account and have been testing it for a little bit now. As far as I’ve seen so far, this process has been real easy. Unsubscribe works with popular email providers such as Gmail, Yahoo mail, Window Live mail, and AOL mail. I chose Gmail (I’m happy to say that this works with Google Apps for Domain, since it runs off the Gmail platform). Once you picked the provider you have, you will need to download a extension for Gmail, a plugin for Outlook, or a you can forward emails to mail@unsubscribe.com.

With the Gmail extension, Unsubscribe is as easy as a button right in the Inbox. If there is a email that I no longer want to receive, I just hit the unsubscribe button. It gives me a message that says Unsubscribing and then Unsubscribed. After that it moves the email to my Trash bin and that is it. Done. Very smooth and very simple, almost with style one could say.

You can also receive a daily or weekly email, letting you know the summary of what the service has does for you so far. I’ve chose a daily summary. Each day I receive a email with how many emails I passed to the service, what needed my attention, and what was successfully unsubscribed.

Overall this is a very simple and easy to use service. They offer a Try for free option, that allows you five Unsubscribes per month. Or you can subscribe for $19.95 a year, which will give you unlimited unsubscribes. If you break it down, you would be paying about $1.66 a month and for that, I think it is worth it to unclutter your inbox from companies, who just can’t take no for an answer. So check them out and let us know what you think.