I’m sorry these are two mami’s that happen to be twins that can pull off any look, any hairstyle and rock it with the hotness. Now with that being said, for all those old school “House Headz” they brought a mix with the classic “Funk That” which was originally recorded by Sagat a staple on the House dance floors in the 90’s. This joint had me ready to break out the African necklaces and throw baby powder on the dance floor while getting into my House groove lol. If this song doesn’t put you on the floor or bobbin’ ya head please check your pulse. The sexy duo as always gives you that laid back seemingly unintentionally sexy vibe and melodic flows that just takes you there.
“You Ain’t Got It” basically lets the fellas know that you better come correct or don’t come at all with lyrics like:

“You’re crazy for thinking because I’ve been drinking that I might, Give into your charm and be the girl on your arm tonight.”

Ok sooooooooo dude you think you have shot?

“But you ain’t gotta chance with me, not even in your wildest fantasies no no no no I don’t think so, no. I don’t think so, no! You Ain’t Got It! You Ain’t Good Enough!”

So after you pick up your face off the floor, the video itself beautifully shot with some scenes of New York City night life by director Treezy. Feels like one of those nice New York nights with the big city lights on your way to club with your party crew. Just like back in the day when things were all about the party and using the weekend to dance away all of reality troubles of the week. Mayne! Gotta love the NYC! Got me ready to hit the streets and breathe in my favorite pollution that is called the New York City night air lol. Shout to The Shelter, Garage NYC, and Club Fantasy’s & Cignal back in the day in Bmore! This joint bangz!