The first thing I did when purchasing my iPhone 4 was look for a protective case for it. As most of you know, the iPhone 4 included a free case (ending today) as a compensation for those who might have reception problems with their phones. I ordered my case as well but the wait period on that is longer than I’d want to have my iPhone 4 naked. I decided to order another case in the meantime so I could at least give my iPhone 4 some protection. After much research and searching, I decided to go with the Case-Mate Hula iPhone 4 Case.

The Case-Mate Hula case is very similar to Apple’s iPhone 4 Bumper, which as you know right now is very difficult to obtain. It only covers the outer edge of the phone just like the Apple Bumper and leaves the back and front completely exposed. Unlike the Apple Bumper however, the Case-Mate Hula features an impact resistant silicone frame as well as clear TPR plastic in between. This allows your aluminum antenna band to show through which is one of the main design points of the iPhone 4. If you have an iPhone 4, this is something you usually want to show off as it differentiates you from older iPhone users. The Hula allows you to do that while still protecting the edges of your iPhone from small drops. Another difference with the Hula is that there are also silicone buttons that go over the hold and volume buttons which adds another layer of protection. As for the connector port, it will fit the standard charge cable no problem but will not fit in the dock. The headphone jack too needs an extension similar to what the original iPhone needed.

The Hula is also much cheaper in price than the Apple Bumper. I believe the Apple Bumper is $29.99 when it was available. The Hula is only $19.99 and includes front and rear screen protectors as a bonus.

The screen protectors that Case-Mate includes aren’t cheap throwaways either. In fact, I find them to be much better than the more expensive ZAGG invisibleSHIELDS, which as you know cost $29.99 for full protection. Unlike the ZAGG which when installed, have a ripple-like, wavy look to them much like an orange peel, the Case-Mate screen protectors are crystal clear and glass like. There are zero ripples or waves in it. The surface is also much smoother and my fingers seem to slide on it much better. The ZAGG however has a stickier feel to it that makes it hard sometimes to slide your fingers around.

The only downside to the case is that because the outer edges are silicone, they do attract some amount of lint, but I guess that’s a given for most cases out there.  However, the silicone does allow for much better grip when holding the phone. The Case-Mate iPHone 4 Hula is available in a variety of different colors and is in stock right now at Case-Mate’s online store for $19.99 with free standard shipping. I received mine within 3 days of ordering it. I highly recommend this case for anyone who is looking for an alternative to Apple’s own iPhone 4 Bumper case.

Rating: 4.5/5


Open in the front and back, the Hula iPhone 4 case covers the perimeter of your device, protecting all sides, corners, and even the body.  The Hula bezel raises the screen and back of your iPhone 4 off the ground when laying flat.  The Hula combines two materials: impact resistant silicone to frame your device’s edges and strong, clear TPR plastic between those lines. Together they form a protective band. It’s a layer that absorbs impacts with hard surfaces, with less coming between you and your device.

The Hula also separates your hand from the iPhone 4’s built-in receiver, found around its edges, helping you to avoid the emerging “dropped call” problem that comes from touching the upper left corner.

Your Hula iPhone 4 case is just what you need. Nothing else. At all. Practically naked. (You can apply the included front and back screen protector if you’re feeling modest.)

Don Ho would be proud.


  • band profile showcases more of your iPhone 4
  • slim, form-fit design
  • impact resistant silicone and TPR plastic
  • access to all iPhone 4 ports and functions
  • screen protection and back protection included
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