Simple, Sleek, Clean. HDD looks to bring that to the table with “Sphere”. It has three colors going for in this one which is this like gunmetal gray for the overall look of the theme, the black to go with the background, and the blue to indicate your highlights. There isn’t anything spectacular going on here with Sphere but what it does it does pretty good.

Sphere brings you five customizable slots on the front and you have your Profile,Connections, and the newer feature being used “Search”. Notifications are laid out for you on the bottom. The cool thing about this theme is the battery meter and signal meters on each side. i realistically didn’t even know they were there at time. Once again this is another way they keep this theme sleek and it works.

The apps screen doesn’t have any fancy icons or anything for the 1st party apps, just names. Which is good if that your desire. The 3rd party apps still have names though. Everything else rests at the top.

Overall “Sphere” is good if you want something straightforward and don’t want a theme with tons of things going on at once. Check it out and see how you like it.

“Sphere” is available for blackberries running OS 4.7+ and above for $6.99. You can pick this up at