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Halo Reach. The End is Here.

The first Halo game was released in 2001 and now finally at 2010, the Halo series has ended. Halo has been one of the most pivotal games in console gaming. I still remember spending days and days at a friend’s house playing Halo 1,2, and 3. So now the end is here and the main question now is, “Is it good?”.

One day after classes I went to a friend’s house and we spend the rest of the day playing Halo Reach. At first I have to say I was expecting hours and hours of fun. So we put in the CD and started a new campaign on Legendary (the hardest difficulty). After roughly an hour or two I slowly began losing interest in the story. Sure I had a lot of new fun guns to play with, but in the end I couldn’t finish the campaign as I gave up from its repetitiveness.

Before my review becomes too biased, I went ahead and went to another friend’s house and we played multi player (Xbox Live). Now this is what I expected for a grand finale. The multi player was magnificent and I enjoyed all 5 hours we played. I don’t own a console system myself therefore I had to go to friend’s houses to play these games. I can’t even recall the last time I played Halo on multi player. As we sat there and played I realized I missed those crazy gamer girls, cocky 10 year olds, and the rest of the general population on Xbox live. (Ok well not the 10 year olds, I lied. I had to mute them)

Halo in my eyes will always be a fun multi player game. Whether playing on Xbox live, or playing with a couple of friends together, this game has brought hours of enjoyment for everyone. I also wanted to mention the new assassination animation is amazing. I spent a whole game with other players only doing assassination. The game went on a tad long but it was also very entertaining. So in conclusion, Halo Reach was a great success as all its predecessors have been. I would highly recommend picking this up and playing either online or with a few friends. I may have to go back and finish the campaign, but as of now the multi player is where its at.

Pick up Halo Reach now for roughly ~$55-$60.

Currently a student at CUNY Baruch in NY studying business and recently joined the G Style team. Loves anything tech related and is also an avid PC gamer.


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