Hey just because I don’t have the Blackberry Torch or OS 6 for my Bold 9700 doesn’t mean I cant have the feel of it right? Using OS6Like by Hedone Design gives you the functionality and look of one. Its got the look down from the transitions to the menu options, to even a search tab on the homescreen.

So much can be done on the homescreen alone its great to see. You have 12 customizable icons divided into 2 sections which are Custom & Favorites. I think its cool because you can distinguish your apps more. At the top we have a array of features. It broken into two bars. The lower bar presents your usual Profiles tab, the middle houses a tab for messages(which also shows notifications when available), and to your right is a “Search” tab. Never really see these in themes but this a feature mostly used in OS6 and you may enjoy using it here too actually. Above that for your changing of Connections. The blue wallpaper is a nice touch but if you want you can always change it to your liking.

Icons used on here are identical to OS6 and they changed every first party app to show. The theme itself runs pretty smooth transitioning from window to window and your battery/memory don’t seem to take a beating in the process. I do applaud HDD for keeping up on this theme as I guess its been very popular and updating and touching it up fairly quick to make it what it is today. I don’t think I have any gripes about this one and enjoy using it. Also you have the choice of using it Zen style or the popular Today Preview.

OS6Like is available now for most blackberry devices for $6.99 and can be purchased from www.hedonedesign.com