Hedone Design knows how to make the nice complex themes and the nice and easy ones for others. Pneuma brings us a nice dark smoke theme with highlights of blue with the indicator. It provides 12 custom icons on the right side that look to represent a almost a 3D effect about them. The left side you have a open gray homescreen that can you can use for wallpapers(if you can find one that fits just right), and depending which version your using either the Zen or Today Preview will show you info in that area also.

The application screen looks simple with your usual icons laid out and your notifications and such at the time. I will say that this theme does run pretty fast and moves from screen to screen without any hesitation. Doesn’t seem to take a toll on the battery or memory too much either. Only gripe I have about this theme is trying to get the perfect background which I haven’t. Other then that I think its a great addition to your theme library. As with a lot of the HDD themes it also uses DFK and has received a BQC award.

Pneuma is available now for most blackberry devices for $6.99 in Zen or Today Preview w/ HDD icons or Blackberry icons. And you can get this theme at www.hedonedesign.com