When the G1 first came it, it was probably THE phone. I mean it had a physical keyboard, it slid out, it was just quite frankly amazing. Good news for you G1 users who have been tardy to switch to a new phone because the TMobile is about to release the G2! Yes you read right, the G2 or otherwise known as the HTC vision. So what’s new?

Hardware additions:
1) Subtle front camera on the edge of the speaker. (like the X1’s cam, for waving hand gesture control software, and video chats)
2) 3.5 headphone jack e.g. http://img353.imageshack.us/img353/2…headsetzw0.jpg
3) TV out
4) Dedicated Lock/Unlock side switch (like the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic “Tube”)
5) Face sensor (turns off screen to save power during calls, like the Nokia “Tube”)

Does NOT have a tiling screen.

Hardware Improvements:
1) Screen resolution 800×480
2) A compete design overhaul
3) A bigger, flush screen that fills the sliding part front
4) Ultra low-power Tegra-like processor (GPU+CPU) capable of seemlessly handling OpenGL ES 2.0 gfx effects, transitions, and lengthy HD playback
5) More inward travel with keyboard key strokes
6) More responsive/sensitive compass
7) 5MP camera with flash
8) OLED screen (OLED displays appear brighter and sharper than LCDs, even when viewed at an angle. They are viewable in sunlight. And as a side benefit of ditching the LCD backlight, OLEDs are battery thrifty. OLED screens refresh faster, so they’re better at displaying video.)
9) A one-touch Omni-directional Nub instead of the Trackball

More information can be found here. As for the release date, it has been estimated to be around September 29th so get ready folks this one is going to be popular!


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