Sam from our team spotted this out. Since there isn’t a app for the Blackberry, I took his suggestion to check it out and downloaded the Android app. The “check in concept” is very popular now due to companies like Foursquare and Gowalla, but instead of focusing on your location, Miso goes a little bit different direction.

With Miso you do “check in”, but instead of telling your friends your location, you let them know what you are watching. Do you consider yourself a movie buff, or maybe your a closet couch potato. Well now you can share what you are watching with everyone. Miso seems to have Foursquare down to a tee. You can check in, you get points, and earn badges. Just last night I earned the Movie Rookie badge when I check in watching Inside Man which was on AMC last night. I also earned myself 4 points for that check it.

Currently Miso has apps for the iPhone/iPod Touch, iPad, and Android devices. Like Foursquare you can share your check ins with Facebook and Twitter. While I don’t share my Foursquare check ins on Twitter, for Miso I don’t think I’ll mind, and would be cool to share what I’m watching. Also like Foursquare if a item isn’t in their database, you can add it. The app looked very good on my Samsung Captivate, working is another story. I don’t know if it was my signal (I was using WiFi at the time), but the app took way to long to load its pages if at all. I rebooted my phone a couple times to see if that was the issue, but it was a no go. I installed it on the iPhone 4 as well, and it worked like a charm. *Recently spoke with @0x88 on twitter, who I believe to be a dev there. He came to my aid as I complained lol and looks like they may be working on this*

From the app you can see Activity, TV & Movies, Badges, Profile, Friends, and Settings. This feels so much like Foursquare it is funny, but I do like checking in the stuff I watch. Want to check it out, head to and sign up.

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