Hot right off the world wide presses, Drake’s new video “Miss Me” featuring CEO and founder Lil Wayne who’s currently paying his over-exaggerated debt to society but we won’t get into that right now. “Miss Me” is one of my favorite’s from “Thank Me Later,” classic Young Money Drake and Weezy collabo like Mixtape killer tracks from “So Far Gone.” The video itself is basic and to the point and that’s not a bad thing. Don’t expect a feature film (maybe in length 6:12) right here, kid. It’s Drizzy shouting out Weezy beyond the bars to let the industry know Young Money and Weezy are still here.

The video opens with a long-legged mami and firecrackers popping off as if something is about to pop-off and it does. I like the direction and angle shots with double images with Drizzy by Anthony Mandler who is one of Drake’s and I’s favorite directors right now. Playing it cool with the honey dancing in front of him like this is the daily for Drake but we know he’s always on the humble. I enjoyed the fade in and fade out of YM joining Drake in the yard with the over-the-top view representing the YM. As in reverse in the beginning of the video now played forward as Drake throws the Molotov Cocktail at the wall out of the fire comes Lil Wayne spittin’ his verse. Then throughout the rest of the video Mandler’s use of the green screen is on point as Weezy appears while Drake mouths Weezy’s verse.

Mandler is ace on when Weezy’s image appears under Drizzy’s feet “I walk light so I don’t piss da ground off, I swear my bitches do it til they suck the brown off, Ewwww that’s nasty” lol. I enjoyed the video and it should get heavy rotation. Drake gives you him as he always does in this video and I can see it in the faces of the YM “Free Weezy” and at least Drake freed him for the world to see him “until November” maybe even earlier.