Back to the days before their was digital there was dials. No number display of the exact station. You had to hope you could catch the best frequency possible if u missed slightly you were getting static. Retnio brings back the fun of the old fm radio. Its got a nice simple design laid on some hardwood.

Retnio houses 6 customizable slots on the top of your choosing. The indicator makes it look as if your actually changing stations. Got to like that one. You have the old school dials on the bottom giving you the battery and signal bars which looks pretty good.

The apps screen is pretty basic, usual icons thrown on a brown background. Nothing eye popping or anything but that’s cool since the point of this theme is to bring it back to the days of classic radio. All your usual stuff is displayed @ the top.

Retnio is a nice theme if your not looking for something crazy but simple. If you miss the old radios you should enjoy this on your blackberry devices. Runs good I may add too. I do wish it was just a little more jazzed up though.

Retnio is available for the 8500 through 9700 series running OS 4.7+ to 5.0+.
Pricing is $6.99. Pick it up at