Now lets just start off and say the ringtone occupied with this theme is hilarious. When i read the description for Cartan i didnt really think it was real. Its called “Na Golici” aka Trumpet Echoes. My phone went off and i was in tears. My friends heard it one day and they were cracking up also. So just to start off, “Cartan” is already fun.

Cartan features a nice animated homescreen. You can scroll back and forth through three screens. Each one has 5 adjustable icon slots. Its so cool how they made it look going from the sun and the hills to the mountains and the clouds. The transition runs so smooth. No lag, delay, anything. On the bottom you have your usual notifications, time, etc.

Icons are basic icons you seen before. They are all different colors though to distinguish what they are in association with. So they kept it pretty simple here. Cartan also has one of the HDD standards DFK as usual.

Cartan is a fun looking theme. Its pretty bright and vibrant and looks to bring life to your blackberry. If that doesn’t the ringtone occupied sure will whether its the cheers or the straight out laughter you will get it. One thing is on the other models you will not see the animated windows as you will just get one screen and one homescreen.

Cartan is available now for $6.99 for just about every blackberry model from OS 4.5+ to 5.0+. You can pick this theme at